Dr. Lara Taylor

Graduated in 2001 from Oregon State University, with a duel D.V.M. degree from Washington State University. In 2005 she took over the practice from her father, Dr. Denzel Taylor. Dr. Lara loves working with all animals, but especially likes birds and exotic pets. She currently shares her home with two cats, four fish, two birds, and a snake. In her spare time Dr. Lara enjoys watching old, classic, and new movies, reading, traveling and watching theatrical plays.

Dr. Denzel Taylor

Graduated in 1971 from Colorado State University with a D.V.M. degree. He at first worked as a mixed animal vet but is now exclusively a small animal vet. Deciding it was time to slow down a little, he sold part of his practice to his partner at Layton Veterinary Hospital and his Clearfield Veterinary Clinic portion to his daughter. Dr. Taylor is full of fun stories and songs, just ask him, he loves to talk to people. At home, he has a dog, who he says belongs to his wife. In his spare time, Dr. Taylor really loves going camping and spending time with his grandchildren. His favorite area to visit is the Utah desert, where he grew up.

Heidi Dumas

Office Manager
Heidi has been a member of the team since August 1998. She has 3 boys and 8 beautiful grandchildren. She has one cat named Lil Payne.

Heidi loves to crochet and spend time with her family. She really enjoys being a Manager/Technician. And loved that every day is different than the day before. She also really enjoys being able to help animals, any animal, that comes through the doors. She also enjoys seeing the patients grown up from puppies and kittens to senior patients.

Krystal Bise

Krystal Bise was hired March of 2007. She is the Assistant Manager. She and her husband own one rescued cat, two dogs, and a horse. Her hobbies include bow hunting, riding motorcycles, snowmobiles, 4-wheelers and pretty much anything outdoors. Krystal’s favorite thing about working at Clearfield Veterinary Clinic is assisting with critical care patients, and educating clients about diseases, preventative care, and training.

Brittany Gardner

Brittany Gardner was hired December 2014. She graduated from Broadview University in 2013 with a Veterinary Technician degree. She has a 3-year-old daughter named Sammi and two dogs. Sadie a Pomeranian mix, and Maverick a Heeler mix. She loves to spend time with her family and enjoys being outdoors. Her favorite part about working at Clearfield Veterinary Clinic is making a difference in animals’ lives. She also loves seeing all the different types of surgeries and monitoring during the surgeries. Brittany is tall with dark hair down to her shoulders. Most of the time it is back in a ponytail.

Kristen Hart

Kristen Hart was hired October 2015. She owns 1 cat and 2 dogs. She has fostered many dogs and has volunteered for Big Dog Huge Paws Rescue since 2009. Kristen’s favorite part of working at Clearfield Vet Clinic is doing dentals and helping sick or injured animals. She enjoys the outdoors and is involved in outdoor activities during every season. Kristen is tall with long, blond hair.

Liza Mendez

Liza Mendez was hired October 2016. She previously completed an internship with conjunction with Roy High School. She is currently enrolled at Weber State University in the Pre-Vet program. She has a crazy, goofball dog that loves to cuddle and play. In her spare time, Liza likes to draw and paint. Her favorite thing about working for Clearfield Veterinary Clinic is seeing all the cool exotics, including birds, hedgehogs, and bunnies. LIza’s family is from Latin America. She has long, dark hair.

Shanny Martin

Shanny Martin was hired April 2017. She has 2 daughters and is the Fairy Dog Mother to her 2 dogs, Luna and Hope. She also recently adopted an Indian Ringneck Parrot named Horatio Lord Nelson. She also shares her home with gerbils and hamsters. Shanny is a positive, and an upbeat person who enjoys cooking, reading, watching old movies and doing anything with her daughters. She also enjoys playing practical jokes and road trips. Her favorite thing about working for Clearfield Veterinary Clinic is the constant challenges that push her to better herself and learn new things. Shanny is tall with silver hair.

Shelby Holladay

Veterinary Assistant.
Member of the team since July 2018
Shelby grew up in a small town, on a farm in Idaho. She has always had a special love for animals. Shelby lives in Clearfield with her husband and 3 cats. She has 4 children who have families of their own. She loves spending time with her grandchildren. Her cats are her “furry” children and provide so much love and laughter. Shelby feels that working at the clinic gives her a chance to get her “dog loves”, her kitties won’t allow any dogs at home